Insuring Your Boat in Ballston Spa, NY

If you cherish your boat like most people do, now’s the time to invest in a little protection. Your boat is always there for you. You should return the favor! Getting boat insurance is not difficult if you know where to go. 

First, figure out what the value of your boat is. By estimating your boat’s actual resell value, you will know exactly how much coverage you need to protect it. Imagine what would happen if you lost your boat due to theft, flooding, or mechanical failure that could not be repaired.

Whatever the reason, you can turn to us at the Zapp Insurance Agency. We cover many types of insurance including boat insurance. 

Is Boat Insurance Mandated in New York?

No. Boat insurance is not required, but you should insure your boat anyway in case something happens to it. Assess the value of your boat before contacting an agent so you can share with them a realistic picture of what your boat would cost to repair or replace.

People get boat insurance for a number of different reasons: 

  • Floods
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Other acts of nature or accident/mischief

Ask the professional insurance agents with Zapp Insurance to get you replacement cost boat insurance. This type of insurance will fully replace your boat in the event of a total loss.

If the loss is not a full loss but involves a lot of damage to your boat, you will need insurance that you can use to repair the damage.

If you live in Ballston Spa, NY a great choice for insurance is just a phone call away. Contact Zapp Insurance Agency for more information and to find out more about their boat insurance options. Your old friend is always there for you. Return the favor with boat insurance from someone you trust!

Home Insurance Explained

There are not many investments that match the magnitude of your Ballston Spa, NY home. For this reason, you need home insurance from Zapp Insurance Agency to protect your home (and yourself). While getting home insurance is one thing, understanding what your home insurance covers is another thing. That’s why it’s crucial to understand your policy in and out to avoid a rude awakening when disasters strike. For this reason, here is a brief guide about home insurance.

Common home insurance coverages

When shopping for home insurance in New York, you are likely to encounter the below coverages. 

  • Dwelling coverage: This coverage protects your home against perils like theft, vandalism, fire, and certain natural calamities. Besides, it covers other structures attached to your house. 
  • Contents coverage: This policy protects your valuables, including clothing, furniture, electronics, and other assets, from fire, theft, and other perils. 
  • Liability protection: Protects you against third-party claims made against you. It covers you against bodily injury and property damage that you may cause to other people.
  • Loss of use coverage: Protects you when a covered peril destroys your house. It pays for expenses exceeding your day-to-day expenses when you seek temporal shelter as your home undergoes repairs.

To note, the above coverages aren’t exhaustive. There exist other home insurance coverages and endorsements to consider.

How often should I review my home?

As a rule of thumb, review your home insurance policy every year. However, when you make significant renovations, add valuables, or add a dangerous pet, you shouldn’t wait for a year to lapse — update your home insurance ASAP.

Home insurance exclusions

Your home insurance won’t save the day when damage is resulting from:

  • Floods and earthquakes
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Water damage due to sewer backup
  • Government actions
  • Mold and pest infestation

Still having your home insurance questions unanswered? Don’t worry. You can contact Zapp Insurance Agency in Ballston Spa, NY for more information.

Commercial Insurance: What Your Small Business Needs to Know

Sometimes it may be tempting as a business owner in Ballston Spa, NY, to forgo certain types of insurance coverages that aren’t required by law. Operating a business, whether small or large, exposes you to uncertainties. Regrettably, your small business may be thriving at one moment, and the next, it could be a victim of a cyberattack that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars to recover. 

 In light of this, your small business requires splendid commercial insurance for optimal protection. If you are looking for coverage, please connect with Zapp Insurance Agency, and we will discuss innovative ways to personalize your commercial insurance coverage.

Is commercial insurance mandatory in New York?

Some aspects of commercial insurance aren’t mandatory in New York. However, the law requires every business venture with full-time or part-time employees to maintain workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical bills for work-related injuries and illnesses. Additionally, business vehicles are required to have commercial auto insurance. 

Commercial coverage options in Ballston Spa, NY

 If you are shopping for commercial insurance in New York, you are likely to come across the below coverages: 

  • General liability coverage: It safeguards your business from claims of bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties. 
  • Commercial property insurance: Helps to protect your business’s physical location and other business-owned assets like equipment, inventory, tools, and furniture.
  • Commercial auto insurance: If your business entity has employees who drive your business vehicles, this type of policy is the best. It helps cover for damages and injuries if your driver is deemed liable after an accident.
  • Data breach insurance: Several small businesses store crucial personal information for their customers. This coverage protects your business from data breaches and cyber-attacks.
  • Professional liability insurance: It’s also referred to as Errors and Omissions insurance. It protects you against alleged negligence and missed deadlines for the professional services you offer.

Are you still wondering what type of commercial insurance your small business needs in Ballston Spa, NY? Contact or visit us today. Our dedicated agents at Zapp Insurance Agency will walk you through all the types of commercial coverages available. 

4 Thing You Should Know About Home Insurance

Buying a home can be so overwhelming, that you may overlook homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, if disaster strikes in Ballston Spa, NY, without home insurance, all you have worked hard for can go down the drain. For this reason, you need to take utmost interest in home insurance to help protect your home. Since Zapp Insurance Agency takes your home insurance needs at heart, we have prepared facts you need to know about home insurance to help you understand this coverage in detail.

There are several home insurance options

Just like auto or boat insurance, home insurance comes in different forms to suit various needs. Some home coverage options to consider include:

  • Dwelling coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Contents coverage
  • Additional living expenses (ALE) coverage

Get replacement value for your home

You will be making a mistake if you insure your home against the market value. This way, you may not recover the full value for your home when a covered loss damages your structure. That being said, it’s wise to use the replacement value to ensure that all damages to your home are paid for, regardless of its market value.

Home insurance doesn’t cover everything

While having home insurance is a worthwhile investment, it’s vital to understand that it doesn’t cover you against everything. Home insurance doesn’t cover damage to your house arising from normal wear and tear, pest infestation, neglect, flood, and earthquake. If you are unsure what your home insurance policy covers, talk to your agent for clarity.

Keep updating your home insurance plan

Have you made significant renovations to your building? Have you married or divorced? Have you added personal assets? It’s wise to sit with your insurance to update your home insurance regularly to ensure that you are up to date with your coverage.

Would you like to protect your Ballston Spa, NY with home insurance? Please contact Zapp Insurance Agency for a customized home insurance solution.

Do You Need Recreational Insurance in Ballston Spa?

Ballston Spa, NY residents and those in the surrounding area may own many recreational items or other gear that provides them with a lot of fun every year. We at Zapp Insurance Agency can help you decide if you need this type of policy and what option is the best for your needs as a person.

Do You Need Recreational Insurance?

These policies are designed to help protect your recreational vehicles and the various recreational toys that you may own. In most areas, the types of policies available to you will vary depending on a handful of multiple elements, including:

  • The type of vehicle that you own
  • How often you drive it
  • The laws of your state
  • The age of the vehicle
  • Issues that may have occurred before you bought the policy

Typically, it is wise to buy a recreational policy for items like trailers, snowmobiles, fifth-wheels, motor homes, some types of sailboats, fishing boats, wave-runners, and other things that you use for fun and recreation. Make sure that you talk to your policy provider to learn more critical elements like:

  • The coverage options available
  • The cost of your policy
  • What items are not covered
  • How to report an incident

The long and the short of it is that just about anybody with recreational vehicles can benefit from high-quality insurance policies – and if your state requires them to be covered, you must do so.

Getting a Good Policy

If you are interested in recreational insurance in Ballston Spa, NY, or the surrounding area, please contact us at Zapp Insurance Agency right away to learn more. Our professionals can help you better understand your options and ensure that you feel satisfied with what you get from us.

How Much Home Insurance Coverage Do You Really Need?

If you’re buying your first ever house or in the process of moving into a new one, you’ll need to look into homeowners insurance. You’d do well to reach out to an independent agent like the ones at Zapp Insurance Agency. Serving Ballston Spa, NY, we’re proud to help new and returning customers.

What type of policy is required?

All home insurance policies tend to insure for liability coverage. They should include personal liability, i.e. when another individual becomes injured or someone’s property is damaged due to your negligence or the negligence of anyone who’s included in your homeowner’s policy. Typically, you’ll have protection if your pet injures someone else. Look into what exclusions there may be for exotic pets like snakes and amphibians or an animal that’s considered dangerous, such as a pit bull.

This coverage may be used for medical expenses up to a certain amount such as bills for emergency treatment and transportation to the hospital or a doctor’s office. There are coverage limits for each incident, but you can purchase higher limits of liability.

Personal Belongings Coverage

If you’d like certain valuable items to be insured and know that you don’t have coverage for them, you should get a separate policy. You don’t want to find out too late that you can’t replace lost or damaged items, since standard dwelling insurance policies only cover up to a certain limit. Conduct an inventory around your house so that you know exactly what it is you want to be covered and keep receipts of this along with any lists and appraisal information.

Zapp Insurance Agency goes above and beyond to take care of your home insurance needs. You can rely on us to assist you if you own a home or plan to purchase one in the Ballston Spa, NY area.

Reasons To Get Commercial Insurance

If you are a business owner, you may ask yourself "Why do I need commercial insurance?". The answer is: because accidents happen at any time, and you need to have your company, property, employees, and assets protected.  If you still have doubts about whether business insurance is worth getting it, here is a list of reasons why you should consider it: 

To Protect Your Employees

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a part of a standard commercial insurance policy. The purpose of it is to protect employees and provide them with certain benefits if they experience work-related injuries or illnesses. These benefits include medical expenses, funeral benefits, and missed wages. 

To Protect Your Business and Yourself Against Natural Disasters

Various natural disasters are very common in most American states. They are flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, fires, and others. Commercial insurance is exactly what you need to protect your company, commercial building, and business’ assets inside it if a disaster strikes. 

To Get Help With Lawsuits

Most companies get sued and face legal fees at some point. For example, an injured employee, customer, or client can sue a company. In this case, business insurance is ready to help and cover all the expenses associated with a lawsuit. 

To Build Your Credibility

If you think that the only thing commercial insurance does is the protection of businesses, you are wrong. It also shows the clients and customers that you are a responsible business owner and you take managing risks seriously. 

Zapp Insurance Agency Serving Ballston Spa, NY – Ready To Help You Find What You Really Want 

If you have your own business, one of the first things you have to think about is commercial insurance. It is needed to protect your business, you as a business owner, employees, and clients. If you have just started looking for commercial insurance and you need help, do not hesitate to contact Zapp Insurance Agency serving Ballston Spa, NY – we are ready to assist you and answer all your questions. 

How can classic car insurance in New York benefit me?

A classic car can be a great investment for car lovers in Ballston Spa, NY. When you own a classic car here, you will enjoy having a fun vehicle to drive and show off. At the same time, a classic car can be an investment that could increase in value if it is properly cared for. If you do purchase a classic car here, you also need to get insurance for it. A classic car policy could benefit you in several ways.

Insurance Covers Collectible Value

The main difference between classic car and standard auto coverage is how the replacement value is determined. While it is assumed that standard vehicles will depreciate in value over time, classic cars could actually increase in value. When you get classic car coverage in New York, you can build a policy that will include coverage for the full collectible value of the vehicle. This will do a much better job of protecting your car’s true value.

Insurance Gives Realistic Liability Protection

With classic car coverage, you will be able to get liability coverage that is reflective of the actual risk. A classic car is not going to be driven nearly as much as other vehicles. However, owners still need to have liability coverage. When you get classic car insurance, the policy underwriting will take the reduced mileage into consideration. 

There continue to be many reasons to get a classic car insurance policy when you are in the Ballston Spa, NY area. Those that are in this area of New York will want to call the Zapp Insurance Agency to discuss their insurance needs. If you do call Zapp Insurance Agency you can get the support that you will need to choose a policy that properly protects you and your classic vehicle. 

Guide to Homeowners Insurance for First Time Buyers

Finding the perfect home involves many factors from separating your wants from needs and deciding on the right neighborhood to determining how much home you can afford and shopping for a mortgage. Once you’ve found the right home, don’t forget the importance of homeowners insurance which helps protect your family’s shelter and most valuable asset from accidents. 

You may be surprised to know that most states do not require properties to have homeowners insurance which is the opposite of other policies like auto insurance. However, just because you aren’t required to have homeowners insurance by your state does not mean that you shouldn’t have coverage or that it will not be mandated. In fact, unless you are purchasing your home with cash it is highly likely that the mortgage lender will require that you have homeowners insurance to help protect the money that they have loaned you to purchase the home. Furthermore, most lenders will require you to have an escrow account that grows monthly and is used to pay your homeowners insurance and property taxes directly from the mortgage company. 

Homeowner insurance coverage can be a bit tricky so here’s what a standard policy should cover:

  • Dwelling: Pays to rebuild your home if it is damaged by a covered accident
  • Personal Belongings: Pays to replace personal items like furniture and electronics damaged by a covered incident like a fire or theft.
  • Liability Insurance: Covers the cost of medical bills and property damage to third parties. 

At Zapp Insurance Agency in Ballston Spa, NY our knowledgeable team of insurance professionals are ready to answer your questions and find the right policy for your needs. We know that as a first-time home buyer it can be overwhelming so let us make the hunt for your homeowner’s insurance policy as easy as possible. 

Required Commercial Insurance in New York

Commercial insurance is vital to keeping your business protected, but it’s also important for keeping your business legal. There are two types of required commercial insurance in New York. If you need either or both of them, call us at Zapp Insurance Agency in Ballston Spa, NY. 

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

This is one type of required commercial insurance in the state. These policies are taken out in order to protect both you and your employees in case they should become injured or sick while at work. Workers’ compensation insurance pays for the medical bills for employees when this happens. It ensures that they will get their medical bills paid, and it protects you from being liable for those bills out of pocket. This commercial insurance policy is required for all New York businesses with any number of employees, even if they are part-time.

Commercial Insurance for Vehicles

If your business owns any vehicles, each one must have a commercial auto insurance policy. Each policy must meet the mandatory minimum for bodily injury liability for each person as well as each accident. It must also include a death benefit for each person and a specific amount per accident. It also covers property damage liability, personal injury protection, and an amount for uninsured motorist coverage per person as well as per accident. If you have a vehicle that you use for business but that the business doesn’t own, you are not required to get commercial insurance for it. However, there is another policy type that is recommended for those, as personal auto insurance may not cover those accidents. These policies are called hired and non-owned. 

Get Insured

If you have a small business and need insurance for it, call us at Zapp Insurance Agency in Ballston Spa, NY for an appointment to talk to an agent about your business’ needs.