Summer is Coming: Equip Your Teen Driver With Rules to Live By

Teen Drivers Usually Mean Well

The most important rule for your teen driver to live by is to try and understand physiology. You’ll hear them drag racing down your residential street. The car zipping by when you know they are going way too fast for their own good. Maybe even showing off for their friends.

Even with all this; teen drivers usually mean well.

They need to understand that it is the impetuousness of their youth that is the culprit. Their feeling of immortality that leads them to play chicken and never drive away from a challenge to race to the next red light. Hormones play a role, and the overall lack of life experience is a factor. This is why it is important to talk with your teen and let them know that some actions do have consequence.

Scare Tactics

Insurance rates are significantly more for teen and young adult drivers under the age of 25. There is a reason. Share the statistics with them. Share the photos of wrecks and the carnage that it causes. It is not easy to take your happy-go-lucky teen and give them a reality shot, but it is necessary.

Institute your own rules since you usually have the leverage of the gas and the auto to enforce your rules with no mercy.

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