Is Classic Car Insurance the Same as Auto Insurance?

Car insurance is something that we all have trouble figuring out from time to time. With that in mind, it is essential to think about what different types of insurance mean both for our pocketbook and for the everyday use of our cars. For those that live in the Saratoga Springs or the Ballston Spa, NY area, the agents with Zapp Insurance Agency can help you determine what type of coverage is best for your car.

For starters, to be able to drive your car on the road legally, you have to have insurance on it. Be it a full coverage policy, liability, or a classic car policy, all vehicles on the road must be insured. That being said, classic car insurance is not the same as standard car insurance. Though they both allow you to drive your car on the road, they have very different connotations and mean different things in the greater scope of car insurance.

The main difference is the cost as determined by the fact that a classic car is not meant to be driven on the road every day. This means that a classic car policy is likely going to cost less than a standard auto policy. As far as classic cars go, for a vehicle to be classified and registered as a classic, you are not meant to drive it on a daily basis, and it has specific purposes such as car shows and parades. Multiple other eligibility requirements must be met. Talk with an agent to find out if you are qualified.

If you are interested in a classic car insurance policy, visit our offices or give us a call to learn how to start today. For those in the Saratoga Springs or Ballston Spa, NY area, the agents with Zapp Insurance Agency can help.