Easy Business Start-up Ideas

Starting your own business is a venture ideal for people who like the ability to travel when they want. It’s an option for those who enjoy being in charge. For many, it’s an opportunity to do what you love or discover what you like to do. At Zapp Insurance Agency, serving Ballston Spa, NY and the surrounding region, we help you achieve whatever business ideas you have.

1. Become a Contractor

You don’t need a ton of money to become a contractor. If you have the skills, even if you learned them from working on your own home, you’re able to start your own business. Because you’re working on other people’s houses and anything could go wrong, you need insurance. So if something were to happen, you’re able to pay for the damage.

2. Photography

If you’re able to take photographs, you may want to purchase a high-quality camera and offer your services as a photographer for special events and occasions such as children’s birthdays. For the cost of a camera and even some props, you could have the beginning of a career. It doesn’t hurt to take courses in photography to truly hone your skills if you’re serious about becoming a photographer. Unfortunately, you could find yourself making one mistake that could upset a client, but if you have insurance, your client will receive compensation, which could avoid a legal issue.

3. Sell Your Baked Goods

If you can bake from scratch, start selling. Just make sure you contact your local government to find out the guidelines you need to follow. You should also get insurance just in case you should happen to undercook a baked good or someone with an allergy files a lawsuit.

If you’re interested in starting your own business and are looking for insurance, contact Zapp Insurance Agency serving Ballston Spa, NY and the surrounding area. To get a quote, call us at 518-306-4632 or stop by our office.