Cleaning Up After the Winter Storms: Can Your Home Insurance Help?

Almost every homeowner in the Clifton Park or Ballston Spa, NY area struggled through the brutal winter storms, with many people suffering from severe tree and home damage. Your home insurance policy from Zapp Insurance Agency might be able to help you defray the cost of cleaning up after mother nature.  What should you do to file a claim?

Take Pictures before the Clean Up

First off, take plenty of pictures of your yard and house before you start picking up the twigs. You need to show the extent of the damage, from broken limbs to smashed windows and destroyed shrubs. Make sure the pictures have date stamps and even include a person in the shot for scale.

Call Your Agent and Talk to Your Neighbors

When the damage spans the property line, you can save money and time by knocking on your neighbor’s door to talk about the damage. Collect their insurance information and provide your own. Don’t talk about who will be footing the bill, leave that uncomfortable discussion to your insurance company.

Next, call your agent at Zapp Insurance Agency to open a claim. They may want to send out an adjuster and will likely ask you to start collecting quotes for tree removal services and home repairs.

Unsafe Branches Threatening Your Home? Don’t Wait for the Adjuster

If your home was damaged, including broken windows, a hole in the roof, damaged siding, etc. it is vitally important that you call to have the home protected from further damage right away. Keep track of your bills and submit them when filing the claim on your home insurance. If you need to seek shelter at a hotel, please keep those receipts. Never wait for a response from your agent before securing the safety of your family, neighbors, and property. 

While your home insurance will defray the costs of cleaning up after the rough winter in Ballston Spa, NY, remember that immediate action will help you recover faster. Reach out to the agents of Zapp Insurance Agency to get a quote on home insurance and get started.