Why Your Recreational Vehicle Requires More than Basic Auto Insurance

Many people in and around Ballston Spa, NY make use of recreational vehicles of all types. These vehicles and vehicle configurations often require more coverage than basic auto insurance offers. The Zapp Insurance Agency covers RVs. Here’s what you should know about choosing a policy for your current or future RV.

RV Class Matters

The term “RV” can actually encompass many different types of recreational vehicles. That’s why RVs often come with class designations to help differentiate them. Different classes of RVs come with different insurance requirements.

  • Class A consists of motorhomes
  • Class B consists of campervans
  • Class C consists of trailers

These definitions are loose and can vary depending on your RV configuration. However, each class comes with different insurance concerns beyond the purview of basic auto insurance.

RV Usage Matters

You can add RV insurance to your basic auto insurance, but you may also require special insurance depending on your RV activities. Often, you will find that RV coverage depends on whether you use your RV full-time or part-time.

If you live out of your RV, your insurance concerns aren’t like those of someone who only takes their RV out for the occasional camping trip. Equally, living in an RV at a site and living in an RV on the road are two different things.


RV Insurance Options Matter

Your RV insurance options depend heavily on your individual needs. Auto insurance is a necessity for operating an RV, but RV-specific insurance has more to do with protecting your belongings and vehicle from dangers that can affect the typical home.

For example, you’ll want to have some protection for your personal belongings against theft, fire, and other forms of loss and damage. You may also need liability insurance to help cover you if someone sustains an injury while inside or outside your RV.

Because of the many variables involved, you should work out which RV insurance options in and around Ballston Spa, NY will suit you best. Speak with a professional and knowledgeable Zapp Insurance Agency agent about finding the right RV options for you today.