Massage Therapists and Commercial Insurance

There are many massage therapists in Ballston Spa, NY, each of whom needs high-quality commercial insurance. If you’re a beginning massage professional and you don’t understand your insurance needs, let us at Zapp Insurance Agency help you choose the best policy for your needs. 

Why Massage Therapy Insurance is Beneficial

In some states, massage therapy insurance is mandatory, which means you’ll have to buy a policy to get any work. However, some states don’t make these policies a requirement. That said, you should still buy a policy to avoid financial loss due to injury or damage to your business property.

The Main Types of Massage Insurance

Massage therapists typically need three types of insurance policies, including:

  • General Liability – Protects massage therapists from accidents to their clients caused before, during, or after the treatment.
  • Professional Liability – This basic form of liability insurance protects you if you make a mistake that injures a client, such as pressing too hard on a sore area.
  • Business Property Liability – This coverage will protect your office – or your home treatment center – if it is damaged by burns or other types of problems.

These coverage options help to ensure that a massage therapist is protected from multiple types of losses. Business property liability will extend to items, such as your message board if you are a traveling or on-call massage therapist.

What Commercial Insurance Covers

Massage therapists who get commercial insurance protect themselves from:

  • Medical payments
  • Punitive damages
  • Legal fees in lawsuits
  • Lost income
  • Damage to their building
  • Equipment damage
  • Legal fees

Therefore, any massage therapist in Ballston Spa, NY should contact us at Zapp Insurance Agency to learn more about their commercial insurance options. Our agents will work hard to identify the best possible coverage for your needs.