Are Bicycles And Other “Toys” Included in My Renters Insurance Policy?

Renters Insurance is that unique branch of insurance that you can add a lot of specific coverage items to it. However, it is also the type of insurance that is very specific. If you own a boat or another toy such as Jet-ski‘s or any other type of watercraft there’s a good chance you will not be keeping it in your apartment. However, if you do have it in your rental home and you want to add it to your renters insurance it is a great idea to document it on your policy. Just to be safe it is the best policy to have separate toy insurance for your recreational vehicles. A bicycle is primarily kept in an apartment or at your rental home and can be a natural part of your renters insurance policy. We do like our toys in Ballston Spa, NY. Great for us and the people who reside in the surrounding areas that we have Zapp Insurance Agency, so that we can learn how to protect them.  

Speak with one of our agents to find out how your renter’s insurance can best benefit your personal lifestyle preferences. Every renter is different so their needs are different in terms of what needs protecting. 

It is always best to stay abreast of the new changing policy when it comes to renters insurance you may not have time in your busy schedule to keep current however the agents at our agency make it their business to know what new innovations are occurring in the insurance arena. And this way you stay ahead of the game and you never find yourself in a position where you are not covered. Ballston Spa, NY is the home of Zapp Insurance Agency. Come in today to find out all we know about renters insurance.