What are the First Things I Should Do for Insurance Purposes if My House Catches Fire?

In the event of a house fire, you will want to immediately secure the property. This means that you will take whichever steps you reasonably can to ensure that you can mitigate damages. This would include actions, such as calling the fire department and turning off the water if your pipes should burst. Afterward, you will likely need to board up your residence to prevent vandalism, possibly install a fence, and monitor activities on site, checking for evidence of tampering or trespassing. 

Report Your Claim as Soon as Possible

The experience of watching your home burn down is no doubt devastating. You will likely be overwhelmed with many tasks, and even in this difficult time, it’s important to call or send an email to your insurance agent the minute you are able. Ballston Spa, NY residents are not required by law to purchase a homeowners insurance policy, though most mortgage lenders will require that you do so. Your indemnification broker will require a ‘proof of loss’ claim, and this gives you the opportunity to list your damaged items and their approximate value. Delaying this vital step will cause you to wait longer to see an adjuster. 

Purchase a three-ring binder to store your receipts, and document your interactions with the insurance company. Save all records of living expenses, such as for a hotel room or apartment, and make sure to keep all original documentation from contractors, permits, and work agreements. 

Zapp Insurance Agency Can Help

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