Why You Should Max Out Your Recreational Insurance Coverage

Zapp Insurance Agency serves Ballston Spa, NY with coverage for all of your recreational vehicles including all classes of motor homes, many types of boats and watercraft, and many types of off-road vehicles. We want you to be able to have a blast when you are enjoying your time out in the wild, so we urge you to go with full coverage.

Reasons to Go Full Coverage When it Comes to Recreational Vehicle Insurance

  • The risk is greater than in your daily driver. You will likely be going into areas with your off-road recreational vehicle, boat, or even RV that you would not take the family sedan. Negate some of your risk with maximum insurance.
  • You want to be able to sit back and relax, not to stress about what may go wrong during your downtime. If you are stressing about a flat tire, a dent that was not your fault or even damage that was your fault then you cannot fully enjoy your time. Full coverage plus add-ons like roadside assistance and boaters assistance can help keep your mind free to wander. 
  • The price difference for full coverage and bare minimum does not justify not upgrading in most cases. Each situation is different but the first time you have to use your insurance it will likely balance out in more ways than monetary. 

Contact us at Zapp Insurance Agency to discuss your recreational insurance before your next trip. We can quote a plan that fits your specific needs as you travel around and out of Ballston Spa, NY in your favorite recreational vehicle. Go, have fun and explore the country knowing that we will have your back if things go awry.