How Do I Determine the Value of My Classic Car?

The agents of Zapp Insurance Agency understand the connection classic car enthusiasts have with their favorite automobiles. In Ballston Spa, NY, agents work with their clients to help them find an appropriate value for their classic cars once they have been fully restored. The actual value of the car is often nowhere near the sentimental value so it’s important to know how to obtain an accurate figure for insurance purposes.

Compare to Other Vehicles

One of the best ways to estimate the value of a classic car is to compare it to other cars of the same make, model, and year that have undergone the same restoration processes. This will only provide an estimation but may be more accurate than counting receipts or checking with Kelly Blue Book values.

Talk to an Appraiser Who Works With Classic Cars

Another option is to call an appraiser who works with classic or antique cars. They understand how to rate workmanship and also how to compare numbers throughout the vehicle to ensure all of the parts would have been used in the original car when it was first manufactured. An appraiser’s estimate will be more accurate than a comparison because they understand what to look for in terms of value and quality.

If you live in Ballston Spa, NY and have questions about your classic car’s value, call the agents of Zapp Insurance Agency. The agents understand how important a classic car can be, especially if it is rated as vintage or antique. Call the office today and schedule a meeting with one of the agents to get the answers you are looking for.