Homeowner’s Insurance Policy — What is Not Covered?

The insurance industry can sometimes be a bit tricky to navigate. Fortunately, there are licensed insurance professionals that serve Ballston Spa, NY neighborhoods and surrounding towns/cities–ready to assist homeowners with their insurance needs and questions.

One such company, Zapp Insurance Agency, offers professional insurance guidance for homeowners who reside in and around the Ballston Spa, NY area. One of the more important things to understand about any insurance policy is what will NOT be covered by the policy.

Each policy can vary by state (and the relevant policy/endorsements included); however, homeowner’s insurance policies typically exclude the following losses-

Flood Damage — flood losses are insured by FEMA, through the government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). However, Zapp Insurance can help you with these flood insurance policies.

Repeated Water Leakageslow leaks are typically covered only by an added endorsement.

Sewer/Drain Back-up some policies will cover the loss if the drain was on the property, but not from down the road.

A Frozen Plumbing/Heating Systemwhile most quality insurance policies generally cover this, the coverage does obligate the homeowner to proactively avoid the freezing of any system. For example, if you leave your home for a 10-day vacation in the winter and turn off the heat while you are gone — if the pipes freeze, it would not be a covered loss. 

Mold & Microbes mold is generally covered, if it happens on the property and can be sourced to a sudden/accidental water discharge. Many policies have time limits that require the reporting of the loss — if it is hidden behind a wall, or within a rarely used closet.

Do you have any homeowner’s insurance questions that can be answered by the insurance professionals at Zapp Insurance Agency? Reach out to us today.