Classic Cars: Insuring them in New York

The State of New York respects the deep history of the area and our nation, and in honor of this, the Department of Motor Vehicles offers a special category of licensing that honors the important role automobiles have come to play in our society.  With a basic requirement that the vehicle be older than 25 years than the year of designation, and is primarily used for display rather than daily transportation needs, your vehicle might be eligible to apply for plates with a “Historical” designation on the plate. 

Classic Cars Insuring them in New York

If you have a classic baby sitting in your Ballston Spa, NY garage, and you are interested in seeing whether your car qualifies as a classic vehicle under New York law, and the cost of insuring that vehicle, we invite you to come in and talk with our licensed, friendly, and knowledgeable insurance agents here at Zapp Insurance Agency to discuss your options.

Classic vehicle insurance is a great idea for a couple of reasons.  First, owing to the fact that it is not a daily driver, insurance might be substantially more affordable than traditional insurance for the amount of time it is out on the road.  Second, it is generally understood that a great deal of investment might have gone into the rebuilding and reconditioning of the vehicle, so it might be much more valuable than similar cars on the roadway.  Classic vehicle insurance recognized this investment should the car be damaged in an accident.

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If you are in the market for classic auto insurance, we invite you to contact our team to see what type of insurance package we can arrange for your vehicle.  Serving the greater Ballston Spa, NY area, we look forward to helping you insure your classic vehicle in New York.