Do You Need to Insure Your Boat Throughout the Winter in Ballston Spa NY?

If you own a boat in Ballston Spa, NY you should consider insuring it throughout the year. Zapp Insurance Agency can consult with you about your specific insurance needs, but in many cases, your lender will require that you carry full coverage on your boat until it is fully paid off. It may also be less expensive for you if you carry the policy throughout the year, instead of attempting to stop it seasonally and then restart it when warmer weather returns. 

It’s important to understand that there is no "off-season" for accidental damage to your investment. Hurricanes can occur when it’s too chilly to be out on your boat, and flooding can happen throughout the year. In addition, any time your boat is out of the water, whether seasonally or for repairs, it is still at risk of being damaged. This damage can be expensive to repair. It’s also possible that your boat could be broken into and valuable parts or other items stolen. If you carry insurance on your watercraft throughout the year, you’ll be protected from theft, weather damage, and accidents, no matter the season. 

Boat owners in Ballston Spa, NY can reach out to Zapp Insurance Agency to learn more about the options that they have for ensuring their watercraft. Protect your craft from damage, no matter the season, when you carry full coverage throughout the year. Winter weather doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about keeping your boat safe, instead, speak to an agent to find out more about the best type of coverage to carry through the changing seasons. Reach out to us today to learn more.