Do I need to get classic car insurance?

People that are in the Ballston Spa, NY area, and love cars may dream of owning a classic car one day. If you want to get a classic car, or already own one, it is important that you get the right insurance for it. There are several reasons why getting a classic car insurance policy should be considered a necessity if you own a classic vehicle. 

You Want to Protect Full Value of Car

One of the reasons that you will need to get a full classic car insurance policy is that you will want to be able to protect the full car value. If you do invest in this type of policy,  you will work with the insurer to determine fair replacement value. This will allow you to negotiate to make sure the true collectible value of the vehicle is covered, which will protect your investment.

You Want Realistic Liability Protection

Another reason that you should get a classic car insurance policy is that you want a policy that reflects your actual liability risk. Anyone that drives a car needs to have liability insurance. However, classic car owners infrequently drive their cars. Due to this, their actual liability risk is much lower than it would be with a standard vehicle. With classic car insurance, you can get coverage that will reflect this risk. 

As you are shopping for a classic car insurance policy in Ballston Spa, NY, you should reach out to the team at the Zapp Insurance Agency. If you do call the Zapp Insurance Agency, you can learn a lot more about how insurance can protect you. This will help to ensure that you are able to choose a policy that is right for you and your situation. 

Variables To Consider While Researching Recreational Insurance Policies

Zapp Insurance Agency serves the Ballston Spa, NY community by offering residents different types of insurance policies. Our primary goal is to help our clients protect themselves regardless of the situation. As an independent insurance agency, we are able to offer our clients custom policies designed to suit their needs.

Recreational Insurance

As you travel around the Ballston Spa, NY area in your recreational vehicle, it’s important that you have protection. Recreational insurance gives you some security in knowing that your investment is covered regardless of the situation.

Multiple Types Of Vehicles

The policy covers you regardless of the type of recreational vehicle that you have. The policy covers travel trailers, boats, and different types of watercraft, as well as several different off-road vehicles.

Special Coverage

You have the option to amend your policy in the event that you need an emergency towing service or roadside assistance. In the event that your recreational vehicle is severely damaged, your policy will cover you in the event that you seek a replacement. If you have to seek lodging somewhere else while your RV is repaired, you will also be covered.

Going On Vacation

If you are traveling out of New York in your recreational vehicle to go on vacation, you will be covered if your vehicle is vandalized or stolen. You can also amend your policy to protect your personal items inside of the RV.

Liability Coverage

In the event that you are involved in an accident and you may be held liable for what happened, you will be protected. The liability coverage also covers you in the event that you are traveling with some friends and someone gets injured while they are on your RV. Your policy should also include uninsured motorist coverage to cover you in the event that you are involved in an accident and the other person does not have insurance.

Consult With Zapp Insurance Agency

For more information on the benefits of recreational vehicle insurance, visit our website today!

Do You Need to Insure Your Boat Throughout the Winter in Ballston Spa NY?

If you own a boat in Ballston Spa, NY you should consider insuring it throughout the year. Zapp Insurance Agency can consult with you about your specific insurance needs, but in many cases, your lender will require that you carry full coverage on your boat until it is fully paid off. It may also be less expensive for you if you carry the policy throughout the year, instead of attempting to stop it seasonally and then restart it when warmer weather returns. 

It’s important to understand that there is no "off-season" for accidental damage to your investment. Hurricanes can occur when it’s too chilly to be out on your boat, and flooding can happen throughout the year. In addition, any time your boat is out of the water, whether seasonally or for repairs, it is still at risk of being damaged. This damage can be expensive to repair. It’s also possible that your boat could be broken into and valuable parts or other items stolen. If you carry insurance on your watercraft throughout the year, you’ll be protected from theft, weather damage, and accidents, no matter the season. 

Boat owners in Ballston Spa, NY can reach out to Zapp Insurance Agency to learn more about the options that they have for ensuring their watercraft. Protect your craft from damage, no matter the season, when you carry full coverage throughout the year. Winter weather doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about keeping your boat safe, instead, speak to an agent to find out more about the best type of coverage to carry through the changing seasons. Reach out to us today to learn more. 

4 Most Important Aspects to Know About Commercial Insurance

Business owners should be well-informed about commercial insurance. This isn’t always the case, especially when you’ve just started out or are about to start your entrepreneur venture. Zapp Insurance Agency of the greater Ballston Spa, NY area can help you to understand more of these concepts.

Consider the Risks Involved

When you get business insurance, you’ll want to know that your policy covers any possible situations that could arise no matter how likely they are to happen. Of course, you should put the primary focus on having insurance for those more risky scenarios. Since each business is different, the requirements and terms will vary. For example, make it known to the agent that you use vehicles for transport, distribution, and/or other activities.

Requirements for NY State

Each state has different requirements for commercial insurance. For NY State, that means at the bare minimum you should have workers’ compensation and disability benefits if you have employees. General liability also is necessary for those instances when someone is injured on your business property whether they are a contractor doing work on the premises, a client, or there for some other legitimate reason. Find out exactly what the state deems to be necessary for coverage before signing up for commercial insurance.

Pay Attention to the Details of Your Policy

Insurance policies are written in fine detail for a reason and commercial insurance is no exception. Those terms are in place to let you know what is and isn’t covered by your insurance. If you aren’t clear on what certain parts of your policy mean it’s a good idea to discuss this with a professional.

The Insurance Company Makes a Difference

Not all insurance companies are alike. Look into the reputation of an agency you’re thinking about going through before you reach out. There are reviews and testimonials for any business. It may be that an agency with an excellent reputation isn’t right for you.

For those big and little questions and concerns about commercial insurance, it’s good to have Zapp Insurance Agency of Ballston Spa, NY on your side. Give us a call or send us a message online to start the process.

Classic Cars: Insuring them in New York

The State of New York respects the deep history of the area and our nation, and in honor of this, the Department of Motor Vehicles offers a special category of licensing that honors the important role automobiles have come to play in our society.  With a basic requirement that the vehicle be older than 25 years than the year of designation, and is primarily used for display rather than daily transportation needs, your vehicle might be eligible to apply for plates with a “Historical” designation on the plate. 

Classic Cars Insuring them in New York

If you have a classic baby sitting in your Ballston Spa, NY garage, and you are interested in seeing whether your car qualifies as a classic vehicle under New York law, and the cost of insuring that vehicle, we invite you to come in and talk with our licensed, friendly, and knowledgeable insurance agents here at Zapp Insurance Agency to discuss your options.

Classic vehicle insurance is a great idea for a couple of reasons.  First, owing to the fact that it is not a daily driver, insurance might be substantially more affordable than traditional insurance for the amount of time it is out on the road.  Second, it is generally understood that a great deal of investment might have gone into the rebuilding and reconditioning of the vehicle, so it might be much more valuable than similar cars on the roadway.  Classic vehicle insurance recognized this investment should the car be damaged in an accident.

Contact Our Friendly Agents at Zapp Insurance Agency

If you are in the market for classic auto insurance, we invite you to contact our team to see what type of insurance package we can arrange for your vehicle.  Serving the greater Ballston Spa, NY area, we look forward to helping you insure your classic vehicle in New York.

When Does A Recreational Vehicle Need To Be Insured?

When it comes to recreational vehicles in Ballston Spa, NY, whether we’re talking boats or RVs, the question of insurance comes down to this: Does it have a motor in it?

If it has a motor, you need to call Zapp Insurance Agency and get it covered. If it doesn’t have a motor, you’re not required to carry insurance. That said, it may be foolish to go without in some instances. A $200,000 sailboat might not require insurance, but you’d be crazy to set sail in something like that without some protection. Anything can happen out on the open waters, after all.

The same goes for campers and motorhomes. If you pull your camper with a truck, it doesn’t need to be insured. If you drive a motorhome, then that has an engine in it and needs liability insurance.

There is some gray area here when it comes to things like four-wheelers and dirtbikes. These are a type of recreational vehicle, but if they’re only operated on private property, and not on roads, then you might not need to carry insurance on them. Again, this can be a matter of personal discretion. You might not feel safe driving an $8,000 dirtbike without coverage, but as long as it is not equipped for roads and streets, and you do not take it off of the private property, you’re not legally required to carry insurance. It might be a good idea, but it’s not technically required by law.

If you’re looking to get your RV, bike, boat, or whatever it is you ride for fun in Ballston Spa, NY covered, give a call to Zapp Insurance Agency and see what they can do for you.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with your business or you are changing insurance providers, it’s important to pay attention to the details before you sign up. Buying commercial insurance doesn’t have to be a headache, especially with the help of an agent from Zapp Insurance Agency of Ballston Spa, NY. Here are 5 ways you can make sure you’re getting the best insurance policy for your situation.

Liability Insurance Is Key

You’ll want to get liability insurance coverage, regardless of the type of company you have. It will cover your business in a broad sense against claims of negligence, injuries, and accidents. Check with your insurance provider that the amount of coverage is in line with your business’ level of risk.

Auto Insurance for Company Vehicles

If you have vehicles that you use for business purposes, it’s in your best interest to have commercial auto insurance on them. It will cover the cost of an accident if you or an employee are found to be at fault.

Workers’ Compensation

This should be set up to serve as protection in case a full-time employee becomes ill or injured and it’s deemed to be related to their work activities. It usually covers the person’s lost wages, medical treatment, any disability benefits they may need to get, and legal fees if the individual or their family decides to sue.

Data Breach Insurance

This is ideal if you keep or work with customers’ sensitive information. It can help you protect against an electronic or physical breach of information. Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly being made targets of hackers, so don’t overlook this when you’re putting together your policy.

Go Through a Small Insurance Firm

A smaller firm will be better at discussing your needs and anticipating anything that you haven’t considered. It’s always good to run through any potential circumstances that your company is at risk of and will need insurance coverage to protect against.  Zapp Insurance Agency of Ballston Spa, NY will help you figure out the types of insurance your company needs.

What Types Of Vehicles Require Classic Car Insurance?

Most people know that you must have liability insurance for your car to be legally on the road. People who have older cars, choose to carry liability insurance only in many cases to save money. However, if your car is a classic or antique, you may be wondering if you need classic car insurance instead?

Classic Car Insurance

If you have a vehicle that is worth a significant amount more than other models like it on the road, has been restored, and meets certain guidelines related to the amount it’s driven and how it is stored, classic car insurance may be a good choice. Unlike traditional auto insurance, classic car insurance tends to be cheaper and pays out the guaranteed value of the vehicle after it has been appraised or investigated by the underwriter. An agreed-upon amount will be paid out if a covered event occurs. Keep in mind that there are specific limitations to be aware of before making a selection.

Getting Top Coverage

The best way to protect a classic car is by acquiring quality insurance products. When you begin shopping for a policy, make sure to work with an insurance agency that has experience in this area. The agent should be able to tell the client if they qualify for certain policies and outline the terms and conditions clearly to help avoid coverage issues if there is a claim. Additionally, make sure you have an appraisal or meet with an underwriting agent who can determine the value of the vehicles and then help determine the agreed-upon amount of coverage. An excellent insurance agency to work with when exploring classic car insurance options is Zapp Insurance Agency. They proudly serve the residents of Ballston Spa, NY who are in need of top insurance products.

If you are searching for classic car insurance, call or stop by Zapp Insurance Agency, serving the residents of Ballston Spa, NY. Protect the things that matter to you with superior insurance options. 

Commercial Insurance For Sole Proprietor Businesses

There are many types of businesses – even in a village like Ballston Spa, NY – each with their own unique challenges. Even a sole proprietor venture has risks that other businesses do not. Zapp Insurance Agency wants to make sure our local business owners understand the hazards associated with running your business alone, and how commercial insurance can protect the future of your operations.

What Is A Sole Proprietor Business?

When starting a small business, a sole proprietorship is a most common and relatively simple way to go. Sole proprietorship entitles you alone to the profits from your business. This also means you are responsible for losses, debts, and liabilities laid upon your business. Since this business does not incorporate you, the law does not distinguish between you and your business.

Why Do I Need Commercial Insurance For Sole Proprietorship?

Total control of your business can be burdensome. As a sole proprietor, you will be personally liable for your business and that means that your private assets could be at risk to cover damages you’re found responsible for. For example, if you accidentally damage a customer’s property and you do not have commercial insurance coverage then the resulting settlement could come from your personal savings or assets such as your car or house. 

What Kind Of Insurance Is Available For My Business?

Most small businesses need general liability insurance. This covers common risks such as accidental damage, bodily damage, and personal injury (such as slander and libel). Depending on your type of business, consider additional coverage for automobiles used in the operation of your business.

Whether you’re just starting a business or looking to insure an existing sole proprietorship in Ballston, Spa NY, let Zapp Insurance Agency find the right commercial insurance for you today!

How Do I Determine the Value of My Classic Car?

The agents of Zapp Insurance Agency understand the connection classic car enthusiasts have with their favorite automobiles. In Ballston Spa, NY, agents work with their clients to help them find an appropriate value for their classic cars once they have been fully restored. The actual value of the car is often nowhere near the sentimental value so it’s important to know how to obtain an accurate figure for insurance purposes.

Compare to Other Vehicles

One of the best ways to estimate the value of a classic car is to compare it to other cars of the same make, model, and year that have undergone the same restoration processes. This will only provide an estimation but may be more accurate than counting receipts or checking with Kelly Blue Book values.

Talk to an Appraiser Who Works With Classic Cars

Another option is to call an appraiser who works with classic or antique cars. They understand how to rate workmanship and also how to compare numbers throughout the vehicle to ensure all of the parts would have been used in the original car when it was first manufactured. An appraiser’s estimate will be more accurate than a comparison because they understand what to look for in terms of value and quality.

If you live in Ballston Spa, NY and have questions about your classic car’s value, call the agents of Zapp Insurance Agency. The agents understand how important a classic car can be, especially if it is rated as vintage or antique. Call the office today and schedule a meeting with one of the agents to get the answers you are looking for.