Is Classic Car Insurance the Same as Auto Insurance?

Car insurance is something that we all have trouble figuring out from time to time. With that in mind, it is essential to think about what different types of insurance mean both for our pocketbook and for the everyday use of our cars. For those that live in the Saratoga Springs or the Ballston Spa, NY area, the agents with Zapp Insurance Agency can help you determine what type of coverage is best for your car.

For starters, to be able to drive your car on the road legally, you have to have insurance on it. Be it a full coverage policy, liability, or a classic car policy, all vehicles on the road must be insured. That being said, classic car insurance is not the same as standard car insurance. Though they both allow you to drive your car on the road, they have very different connotations and mean different things in the greater scope of car insurance.

The main difference is the cost as determined by the fact that a classic car is not meant to be driven on the road every day. This means that a classic car policy is likely going to cost less than a standard auto policy. As far as classic cars go, for a vehicle to be classified and registered as a classic, you are not meant to drive it on a daily basis, and it has specific purposes such as car shows and parades. Multiple other eligibility requirements must be met. Talk with an agent to find out if you are qualified.

If you are interested in a classic car insurance policy, visit our offices or give us a call to learn how to start today. For those in the Saratoga Springs or Ballston Spa, NY area, the agents with Zapp Insurance Agency can help.

Do I need recreational insurance for my fishing raft?

The question to consider when you’re thinking about buying insurance for a recreational ride, “Does it have a motor attached to it?”

If the answer is yes, the chances are that you are legally required to buy insurance for it. If the answer is no, then it comes down to personal choice. If it’s just a personal choice for you, then the main thing to consider is what it cost you.

If you’re fishing with a small inflatable boat with no trolling motor or anything, then you are not required to have insurance, but past a certain price point, it’s a bit foolish not to get covered. You might not need to worry about it if you bought the raft at some Ballston Spa, NY yard sale for fifty dollars, and for the cost of insurance payments, you could buy another boat for yourself. Some of these tiny fishing boats are something, rivaling wood and fiberglass boats, and climbing well past the $500 mark. If it would take you more than a week’s pay to buy a new one, you’re probably better off getting insurance.

Liability may be a concern, as well. It’s difficult to do much damage with a small fishing raft, but it’s entirely possible. If this is a concern, then you may want to factor that into your decision as well and give Zapp Insurance Agency a call.

Not everyone who owns a small fishing boat near Ballston Spa, NY needs to get it insured, but if you do, call Zapp Insurance Agency and see if we can get you covered. Our agents can walk you through the process of starting a policy.

Why Do I Need Boat Insurance?

There’s nothing quite as exciting as boating: hearing the lapping waves, feeling the wind in your hair, and the sun on your face. It’s therefore not surprising that according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, 75 million people in the United States participate in recreational boating. Just as you protect your home and automobiles with insurance coverage, you need boat insurance in the event of damage or injury.

Does My Homeowners Policy Cover My Boat?

While most Ballston Spa, NY homeowners insurance policies cover boat damage, they have a limited dollar amount, and they don’t provide coverage for liability. To cover an expensive boat, pay for damage or injury to others, and provide medical payments you’ll need a separate Zapp Insurance Agency boat policy.

What Types of Boat Policies Are There?

In general, there are three types of boat insurance policies:

  • Actual cash value: This will pay to replace or repair your boat, less its depreciated value. For example, while you might have purchased your new boat in 2012 for $35,000, today it might only be worth $20,000. With an actual cash value policy, your insurance could pay up to $20,000 to replace or repair your boat.
  • Agreed amount value: This pays to replace or repair your boat up to your policy’s set value.
  • Replacement cost: This will pay to repair or replace your boat.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Like your auto insurance policy, your boat insurance will typically include coverage for any property damage your boat causes to other boats, docks and piers, bodily injury to others, and liability such as damage caused by collision or running aground. Additionally, you can opt to buy comprehensive coverage for theft, personal property damage, vandalism, uninsured boater insurance, and roadside assistance in case your boat needs to be towed.

Understanding Your Boat Policy

Your boat insurance policy will likely have restrictions which can include:

  • Limits on your insurance coverage for ocean use
  • A layup period where coverage is suspended during months your boat is not in use
  • Restrictions on underage drivers

For more information about how boat insurance protects you and your Ballston Spa, NY assets, call your Zapp Insurance Agency agent today to discuss options and find the best policy for your needs.

Safety Tips For Your BBQ

Summer is here, and that means it is time for getting together with family and friends to cook out. However, there is a fine line between spending time together and an unfortunate incident happening. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Zapp Insurance Agency team in Ballston Spa, NY has put together this list of safety tips for your next backyard barbecue.

Tip #1: Keep Grills Away from Buildings, Landscaping, and Outdoor Furniture

Each year, thousands of house fires happen because a charcoal or gas grill was kept too close to a home or patio. Remember, ten feet away from structures is a rule of thumb when grilling. Furthermore, extend this guideline to include landscaping, such as trees, shrubs, and vines, plus any patio or outdoor furniture.

Tip #2: Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy

Sometimes coals can get a little out of control, so it is always important to keep a fire extinguisher on hand during your backyard gathering. Also, if the extinguisher is a few years old, make sure it is charged and ready to go just in case you need it. Remember, being prepared is the easiest way to keep an unfortunate event from happening!

Tip #3: Never Leave a Grill Unattended

It may go without saying, but never leave a lit grill unattended. This event usually doesn’t happen intentionally but takes place when a homeowner gets to chatting with visitors or simply runs inside to grab something they need. Instead, always ensure there is a watchful eye to help prevent an incident from occurring.

Of course, having appropriate homeowner’s insurance coverage in case of a fire or injury to a guest is incredibly important. Contact our Zapp Insurance Agency team now for a no-obligation review of your Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, or Ballston Spa, NY policy needs. We have a staff that is ready to answer your questions and address your concerns about home insurance.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is necessary for all business owners to consider when they decide to operate a business. Whether they offer professional services or manufactured goods, there is a specific need to have insurance. It is important for the Ballston Spa, NY agents at Zapp Insurance Agency to present business owners with the proper amount of insurance for their company’s needs.

Requirements of New York State

In New York, you must have workers’ compensation and disability insurance if you have employees. You must also have commercial auto insurance if your business involves driving a vehicle. Your landlord, bank, or business investors may also require you to carry a certain amount of liability to protect yourself and their investment.

Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage

Property Insurance covers you in the event that your property is damaged by fire, theft, and other unexpected perils.

  • All-Risk Insurance – gives you coverage for everything, except what is listed in your insurance policy.
  • Named Peril Coverage – covers items that are destroyed by specifically named perils. For example, if your property is destroyed by fire and fire is named as a covered peril, then you would be covered.

Auto Insurance is for those employers who are delivery personnel. If a driver has an accident, commercial auto insurance could cover any injuries and damages.

When legal issues arise as a result of an accident, liability insurance could cover the medical costs and other expenses. If an employee has an accident while on the job, workers’ compensation could cover their lost wages and medical bills during their time out of work. Disability insurance is used if an employee becomes disabled because of a workplace injury.

In Ballston Spa, NY, the independent insurance agents at Zapp Insurance Agency can offer you a variety of options when it comes to commercial insurance. They can also help you with personal insurance needs and answer any questions you might have. Contact our office today!

Summer is Coming: Equip Your Teen Driver With Rules to Live By

Teen Drivers Usually Mean Well

The most important rule for your teen driver to live by is to try and understand physiology. You’ll hear them drag racing down your residential street. The car zipping by when you know they are going way too fast for their own good. Maybe even showing off for their friends.

Even with all this; teen drivers usually mean well.

They need to understand that it is the impetuousness of their youth that is the culprit. Their feeling of immortality that leads them to play chicken and never drive away from a challenge to race to the next red light. Hormones play a role, and the overall lack of life experience is a factor. This is why it is important to talk with your teen and let them know that some actions do have consequence.

Scare Tactics

Insurance rates are significantly more for teen and young adult drivers under the age of 25. There is a reason. Share the statistics with them. Share the photos of wrecks and the carnage that it causes. It is not easy to take your happy-go-lucky teen and give them a reality shot, but it is necessary.

Institute your own rules since you usually have the leverage of the gas and the auto to enforce your rules with no mercy.

It is our aim at Zapp Insurance Agency, LLC to support the education of teen drivers in their and their parent’s quest to have them be safer on the road. We serve the Ballston Spa, NY and surrounding areas with expertise and professionalism. Give the agents at Zapp Insurance Agency, LLC a call today to learn how your insurance policies can be an effective tool in keeping the roads safer for all drivers. For more information on auto insurance, please visit our office in Ballston Spa, NY or use our online rating tool to find quotes on your home and auto insurance.

Does My Home Insurance Cover Off-Site Collections?

If you store belongings off-site, such as in a storage unit, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will usually cover those items even though they are stored away from your main residence. However, if the belongings are a part of a collection, such as wine, jewelry, or another high-value category that could be expensive to replace, your insurance might not cover those items unless you arrange for special riders to be added to your policy. It’s essential that you contact an insurance company such as the Zapp Insurance Agency, in areas like Ballston Spa, NY, to discuss additional coverage.

Selective Coverage

Home insurance tends to cover regular items stored off-site because they still belong to you; they’re merely housed somewhere else temporarily. Basic home insurance often won’t cover expensive collections, even if they’re stored in your home, because the cost of replacing them could simply be too much for the basic policy to handle. Your insurance might cover a nominal amount — but it wouldn’t reimburse you for the full value of the rare items in the collection.

In certain cases, the insurance wouldn’t cover particular problems associated with the type of collection. For example, if you have a wine collection stored in a wine locker, and the wine was stolen, you might have coverage for at least part of the replacement cost. Now, If the wine turned bad because of poor bottling or storage conditions, basic home insurance likely wouldn’t cover that. In order to fully cover collections, especially those stored off-site, you need to add a rider to your policy.

Call  Zapp Insurance Agency in Ballston Spa, NY to see how much these riders would cost. We also welcome visits to our office and have an online rating tool that can help provide you with quotes for your home insurance policies. Give our agents a call today!

Protecting Your Car From Hail Damage in Ballston Spa, NY

Serving the residents of Ballston Spa, NY, the professional team of agents at Zapp Insurance Agency can offer advice on how to protect your car from hail damage that can occur during severe thunderstorms.

Parking you car in a garage or carport is the best way to protect it from any severe weather damage. If you do not have access to either, you can cover your car with a thick tarp. If possible, it may be easier to drive to a safer location where both you and the vehicle can be sufficiently protected from the storm. Not everyone has access to a garage, carport, or barn where they can park their vehicle during a severe storm. Know your community and find areas that can be used as “safe zones” in the event of severe weather.

When it comes to damage caused by severe weather, you should call your insurance agent so that you understand exactly what is covered and what is not. Severe weather can cause different types of damage ranging from hail to falling debris. With each state having its laws pertaining to storm damage and what are referred to as “acts of Nature,” the coverage terms and limits may vary.

At Zapp Insurance Agency, our agents take pride in serving the nearby communities, including Ballston Spa, NY. Our goal is to provide each client with the most accurate and reliable information possible. Surviving a dangerous storm can be a scary experience. It is important to make sure vehicles are protected as well. We have the information you need to keep both you and your vehicles out of harm’s way.

Top 3 Reasons to Purchase Home Insurance in New York

A state that is well known for ambitious people and amazing real estate, New York is an amazing place to live in. If you plan on purchasing your home in the state of New York, you are in great company as some of the country’s best and brightest have chosen this area as a home. That said, the following is an overview of 3 reasons to purchase home insurance in New York.

Natural Disaster Protection 

Although New York is not well-known for its natural disasters, no area is without its weather-related issues. Especially prone to battling weather events such as massive snowstorms or even ice storms, those who live in Ballston Spa, NY should focus on disaster recovery as much as anyone else. By purchasing a home insurance policy, you are ensuring that your home is protected against the worst natural disasters.

Maintain Equity

In addition to that, purchasing a home insurance policy also protects the equity on your home. Given the vast array of external factors that have the capacity to affect equity, purchasing a home insurance policy is a great way to protect such a massive investment.

Theft and Burglary Protection

Lastly, home insurance policies are a great way of protecting your home against theft and burglaries. Although it cannot prevent anyone from entering or damaging your home, it can help by replacing items as well as areas of your home that have been damaged by a burglar.

Let Zapp Insurance Agency be your go-to for your home insurance needs. Located in Ballston Spa, NY, Zapp Insurance Agency provides discounted rates delivered from our highly-qualified representatives. Don’t get caught without coverage. Contact us today!

Ballston Spa NY: Your checklist before taking a trip into NYC

If you’re planning on leaving your home unguarded for a little while so that you can take a trip into NYC, you’re going to want to take a few precautions to make sure that your home is safe while you’re gone. Here’s a quick checklist that you can run down in order to make sure that you don’t wind up needing to make a claim on the policy you got through Zapp Insurance Agency:

  • Weather-ready your home. If Winter’s coming up, make sure you have your storm windows installed before you leave. If you wind up wanting to stay in Manhattan an extra week, you don’t want to have to run home so you can put the windows up. If Summer’s coming up and you’ve been meaning to patch that leak in the roof before the rain starts falling, get on it. If you’re going to be gone long enough for the weather to change, make sure you’re ready.
  • Get some padlocks. Ballston Spa is a peaceful town for the most part, so we tend not to think much about crime. You can leave your shed door wide open and people probably won’t rob you. But, leaving your home unattended for weeks on end with an unlocked tool shed, garage or gate is daring people to come rob you. On that note:
  • Inform your neighbors. Let them know you’ll be gone for a little while, so if they hear something, it’s probably a burglar.
  • Put your paper subscription on pause. If you subscribe to a paper, that is.
  • Shut everything off. A leaky pipe can become a flood if you’re not around to catch it.

Zapp Insurance Agency can help you get a great policy, but a great policy is of no use if you’re not prepared. However peaceful Ballston Spa, NY may be, Ballston Spa, NY is not so peaceful that you want to throw caution completely to the wind.