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Life insurance options to choose from are confusing and range in price from high to low. So how do you know what the right life insurance is for you? At Zapp Insurance Agency, LLC, in Ballston Spa, NY our insurance agents help you navigate this landscape to obtain a great policy at the right price that covers all your needs.

Why Buy Life Insurance?

No one wants to think about the need for life insurance. It might be hard to set aside money every month in the event your loved ones will need it someday. But that is exactly what you should do. Buying life insurance leaves a safety net behind for your dependents and next of kin. Life insurance helps with your family´┐Żs financial needs when they need it most.

Insurance Plans: Term and Permanent

A Zapp Insurance Agency, LLC insurance agent here in New York will help you figure out what type of insurance you need. Information we will ask include your marital status, family size, household income, assets, and how much you can afford before we start.

Permanent coverage provides lifetime protection stretches the cost of the policy over a lifetime or set of years, but may not always be the best option.

A Renewable term policy is renewable when the term ends, whether there any health related changes happened or not. Premiums increase with each term, but coverage is never denied for health concerns.

Adjustable policies allow a low rate early on with the ability to increase later in time. Convertible policies allow you to convert a term plan to a permanent plan. Rates change with age. Level term policies do not change in price throughout the term while decreasing term policies decrease in face value over time.

Life insurance is a complicated topic. Give insurance agents at Zapp Insurance Agency, LLC, Ballston Spa NY a call today to help you pick the right policy.

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